Mount Agung Bali

Mount Agung Bali The Best for Trekking

Mount Agung Bali
Mount Agung Bali

Situated on the east section of Bali, Agung Mount rises to an elevation of 3248 meters. With a clear period, the vista of Agung Mount is actually something can remain for a lovely mind picture in mind. Staying at a high end villa providing you with bedrooms and terraces overlook the Agung Mountain at a distance is advised. The blue sky and peak flanked by white clouds, this classic sight of the mountain gives peacefulness and relaxed anytime for the day.

Mount Agung is identified as Bali’s greatest trekking challenge. If you love this type of outside hobby, the mountain could be the preferred one since it is not so difficult to go up. A good time to climb is through the dry period in April – October yet it ought to be well noted that hiking isn’t allowed when big religious activities at Besakih Temple, that mainly happens in April. Surely you’ll require a Bali tour guide if you’re thinking about this kind of Bali trekking adventure. Once you book the luxury villa, be sure you talk to the agent if they’d like to organize the activity or give you a guide.

If trekking doesn’t appeal to you, you can spend time beyond the Bali villa to cover visiting Besakih Temple. The holy Balinese temple is known for the many steps, climbing to some variety of courtyards and stone gateways that take to the major spire Meru building which is known as Penataran Agung temple, the primary sanctuary of the area. You actually must pay attention on the clothes you put on if you need to go into the temple because revealing clothes like tank tops and shorts usually are not permitted. You will need to hire a sarong with a reasonable cost to go into the Besakih temple.

Check out if you need to consider some Bali tour guide. You will get everything you need to have including in order to hire Bali transport with guide to enjoy the Mount Agung trekking. All your queries is going to be handled by pleasant team members who can ensure that all of your needs are organized to satisfy your requirements of your Bali holiday.


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